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Bike tour of Royal Oak during coronavirus lockdown--11 spherical panoramas.

Joe Louis Arena demolition, massive truss on ground--1 spherical panorama.

Practice during stay-at-home coronavirus lockdown.

The Ford Cemetery--4-panorama tour, plus slideshow.

Giant chair in Jamestown, NY--spherical pano--self-portrait for size reference.

MT building transition, basement levels--8 spherical panoramas.

Chautauqua Lake in January--one high-rez flat panorama.

Ford Museum--one spherical panorama.

Interior of MT in Detroit--panos shot for MT website--7 sphericals, including 2 pole panos.

Detroit Skyline in winter--3 spherical and 3 high-rez-flat panoramas.

Chautauqua Post Office--1 100-shot high-rez flat pano and 1 spherical.

Construction in Royal Oak--3 spherical panoramas from 12 to 15 feet.

John King Bookstore--8 spherical panoramas.

Auto tour of 3 historic Detroit churches, 60 sec. per panorama. Will return to homepage.

Lexus Velodrome--4 spherical panoramas.

Yerkes Observatory--9 spherical panoramas in 3 tours that return to the lobby.

2 spherical panoramas, from 12 feet--Athenaeum Hotel porch.

2 viewpoints at exact same moment--2 spherical panoramas.

2 viewpoints, cameras only--2 spherical panoramas.

Trip to Hartwick Pines Park--5 spherical panoramas, with next-panorama preview. Mini panos can be manipulated with mouse.

Trip to Hartwick Pines Park--5 spherical panoramas, with next-panorama preview menu. Mini panos can be manipulated with mouse.

Snow in the northern Michigan woods--3 spherical panoramas.

Hartwick Pines, Glory Lake--2 flat panos.

Lewiston, MI, on Thanksgiving Day--4 cylindrical panoramas.

MT Theater maintenance--2 spherical panoramas.

Guardian Bldg--8 spherical panoramas.

MT Drill Hall renovation--4 spherical panoramas.

Portable pano rig at the Henry Ford Museum--2 cylindricals and 1 flat panorama.

Spectacular Lego exhibit at the Ford Museum--1 cylindrical & 3 flat panoramas.

The Ravine at Chautauqua--3 cylindrical panoramas.

Next-panorma preview within panorama--mini panos can be manipulated with mouse.

Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Museum--6 spherical panoramas.

Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Museum slideshow.

Fall scenes around Chautauqua--auto tour, pictures will change automatically.

Fall scenes around Chautauqua--manual tour, 3 cylindrical & 2 flat panos.

Handheld panoramas in Northern Michigan--8 assorted panos.

MacGregor Center at WSU--2 spherical panoramas.

A statue that may fool people, but didn't fool a bulldog! 1 spherical panorama.

The unlikely start of an 8 1/2 yr adventure--1 spherical panorama.

Chautauqua, NY, in mid September--3 spherical panoramas.

Scenes at Chautauqua--1 cylindrical and 2 spherical panoramas.

Bike/Pano trip to Buffalo--panoramas and video.

Chautauqua Lake views from silo hill--5 panoramas.

Chautauqua Lake views from south side of lake--2 panoramas.

Chautauqua Lake views--N and S comparison--2 panoramas.

Detroit from MT roof.

Detroit from MT roof.

Detroit from MT roof--2 gigapixel panoramas.

Joe Louis Arena demolition-- 5 spherical panoramas & 1 flat pano.

Pallister Street in Detroit--1 spherical and 1 cylindrical panorama.

2 multiple-picture, hand-held panos shot with phone--along the RR trail.

Down in the field--2 spherical panos from 2 and 15.5 feet.

3 self-portrait spherical panos at the Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village.

Brass reconditioning in MT lobby--shot for MT site--6 spherical panoramas.

South view of Detroit at sunset--3.67 giga-pixel.

Southwest view of Detroit at sunset--1.85 giga-pixel.

Evening view of Detroit.

Chautauqua School of Art before 2019 season--5 spherical panoramas.

Chautauqua School of Art and Sherwood Studio--2 spherical panoramas.

Completed Chautauqua Amphitheater before 2019 season--5 spherical panoramas.

A walk in Chautauqua--4 cylindrical panoramas--portable pano rig.

Scenes at Chautauqua Lake--5 cylindrical panoramas--portable pano rig.

Tribute to Gus, the bulldog--2 panoramas, plus slideshow.

Portable pano rig at the Ford Museum--3 cylindrical panoramas.

MT roof--2 panoramas from 12.5 feet & 1 gigapixel pano--look for BigDog hotspots in 1st pano.

MT roof--2 90-shot gigapixel panoramas (2.6 & 3.0).

MT roof--52-shot, 1.7 gigapixel pano of LCA.

Bruno turns 90! 2 cylindrical panoramas & 2 sphericals, plus slideshow.

Rivera Court at the DIA--3 spherical panoramas.

Rivera Court at the DIA--1.48 gigapixel spherical panorama.

Rivera Court at the DIA--1.48 gigapixel panorama will autoplay, then repeat after 2.5 minutes.

Rivera Court at the DIA-2 high-resolution flat panoramas.

Woodlawn Cemetery on a winter day--3 pole spherical panoramas plus slideshow.

New carpet in Chapter Room--4 spherical panos shot for MT site.

Brass reconditioning in MT lobby--shot for MT site--6 spherical panoramas.

Ellicott Square Bldg--5 spherical panoramas.

New carpet in the Chapter Room--shot for Mt website.

Old Buffalo Post Office--4 spherical panoramas.

Old Buffalo Post Office--2 high-resolution flat panoramas.

Charming wedding setup in Crystal Ballroom--3 spherical panos shot for MT site.

5th-floor lobby at the MT.

2 gigapixel panoramas from the west roof of the MT.

2 gigapixel panoramas from the east roof of the MT.

2 panoramas from the Little Caesar's parking deck.

1 cylindrical and 1 flat panorama of Chautauqua Lake in winter.

Detroit at night from the Drill Hall roof--2 panoramas.

Theater cleanup at the MT--2 spherical panoramas.

Panoramic experiments on the roof of the MT--5 BigDog hotspots in 1st pano.

3 panos from a focal-length combination.

3.669 giga-pixel pano, 5 26-shot rows, 200mm lens.

Fall leaves--views from 2 and 15.5 feet.

Jimmy Carter Farm--7 spherical panoramas.

Fraidy Cat at the Carter Farm--3 spherical panoramas.

Jack Clark House at the Carter Farm--3 spherical panoramas.

Plains, GA, railroad station--5 spherical panoramas.

Former Plains High School Auditorium--1 spherical panorama.

Andersonville Prison--3 spherical panoramas.

Andersonville Prison--2 flat panoramas.

Pecan-grove damage from Hurricane Michael--3 flat panos.

Pole panos at the Amp in the fall--4 spherical panoramas.

Stylized pole panorama from 15 feet.

Amphitheater after end of season--3 spherical panoramas.

Incredible Shrinking People? 2 spherical panoramas at Chautauqua.

Double rainbows for 3rd time this summer--2 flat panos.

Two double rainbows--2 flat panos.

Barcelona Lighthouse--2 flat & 3 spherical panoramas.

Barcelona Harbor--high-rez flat pano.

Tudor Room at MT, restoration complete--for MT website--3 sphericals.

Bike/panorama trip, Fredonia to Dunkirk--9 spherical panos plus video.

Midway Park--5 spherical panoramas.

Fully automated 3 min 10 sec, 30-shot high-rez panorama test of facade of Masonic Temple.

Fully automated 1 min 50 sec, 30-shot high-rez panorama test of facade of Masonic Temple.

Restoration work in Tudor Room at MT for MT website--Deb at work.

Pittsburgh skyline at dusk, 3.3 gigapixel panorama.

2 night gigapixel panoramas of Pittsburgh skyline.

2 gigapixel panoramas of Pittsburgh skyline.

2 gigapixel panoramas of Pittsburgh skyline.

Duquesne Incline Station--3 spherical panoramas.

Allegheny Observatory at Riverside Park--3 spherical panos.

Jamestown Riverwalk & Comedy Ctr Park--6 spherical panoramas.

Main St. Bridge Reconstruction--2 spherical panoramas.

3 gigapixel night panos from the roof of the MT.

6 spherical panoramas of a boxing setup (3 used on MT site).

1 spherical & 87-shot, 2.5 gigapixel pano from the roof of the Park Ave Hotel.

96-shot, 2.8 gigapixel panorama from east side of Park Ave Hotel roof.

93-shot, 2.7 gigapixel panorama from west side of Park Ave Hotel roof.

33-shot, gigapixel pano of Little Ceasar's Arena from Park Ave Hotel roof.

Organ maintenance at Chautauqua, 2018--13 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

In the pipe chambers. 1 spherical self portrait.

St. Luke's in Jamestown--5 spherical panoramas and the Predergast Plaque.

Stylized spherical panorama of the Masonic Temple lobby.

Tests at Valentine Distilling during setup--3 panoramas of new still.

Tests at Valentine Distilling during setup--2 panoramas from 8 feet.

Battle Creek Sanitarium--2 spherical panoramas.

Battle Creek Methodist Church--underground RR stop--3 automated panoramic views.

Visit to Battle Creek to hear concert--spherical pano + slideshow.

Fredonia 1891 Opera House--7 spherical panoramas.

Fredonia 1891 Opera House as it would have appeared in 1924.

Fredonia Opera House--photog & assistant.

99-shot, 2.897 gigapixel panorama from the top of the MT--1 spherical & 2.897 gigapixel.

Automated version of same 99-shot, 2.897 gigapixel panorama. Approx 3 minutes.

78-shot, 2.271 gigapixel panorama.

39-shot, 1.306 gigapixel panorama--southeast view of Little Ceasar's Arena.

93-shot, 2.695 gigapixel panorama--east view from MT roof.

Building transition at the amazing MT--3 spherical panoramas.

Building transition at the amazing MT--6 spherical panoramas.

Violin practice in 2011. 2 sphericals, 2 cylindricals.

Central Methodist Church in Detroit--4 spherical panoramas, including a self-portrait.

Central Methodist Church in Detroit--1 spherical panorama.

Masonic Temple aerial view and polygon hotspots--transition between Tower & Theater bldgs.

Transition between Tower & Theater Bldgs at the MT--10 spherical panoramas plus info picture.

Historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church--5 spherical panoramas.

Historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church--1 spherical panorama from 12 feet.

BigDog highlights of the greatest photo format. 102 spherical panos!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

Set your browser to FullScreen for the best viewing experience.

Palestine Park 1, 2018 & 1976, plus video.

Palestine Park 2, high-rez flat pano & 2 spherical panoramas.

Palestine Park 3, 2 high-resolution cylindrical panoramas.

Chautauqua Lake View 1, fog over the lake, 2 high-rez flat panoramas.

Chautauqua Lake View 2, high-rez flat panorama--beautiful winter day.

Chautauqua Lake View 3, 2 high-rez flat panoramas--weather change, same day.

Riverwalk construction in Jamestown--4 cylindrical panoramas.

The hills of Amish Country, north of Mayville--high-rez flat pano.

2 panoramas of the big snow of 2018.

4 spherical panoramas shot for the MT site--Detroit Economic Club Mtg.

Crystal Ballroom at the MT, shot for their website--4 spherical panoramas.

Fountain Ballroom at the MT, shot for their website--2 spherical panoramas.

104-shot, 1.511 gigapixel automated panorama--will run 3 min 25 sec.

104-shot, 2.761 gigapixel panorama from south facade of MT roof. Try zooming in & out.

93-shot, 2.591 gigapixel panorama from east facade of MT roof. Try zooming in & out.

21-shot, 652 megapixel panorama of the Shrine Tower.

January ice in Barcelona Harbor--cylindrical panorama.

Christmastime at Chautauqua--3 spherical panoramas on the Clark Brick Wall.

Detroit Roller Derby, taken for the MT site--3 spherical panos & 1 flat pano.

2 Christmas spherical pole panoramas at the MT from 9 feet, plus 1 on the tripod.

105-shot, high-rez flat panorama from the top of an elevator shaft--one minute animated introduction.

On the trail in Lewiston--4 spherical panoramas.

On the roof of the MT--3 sphericals (2 from extended pole), 1 cylindrical, & slideshow. Can you find the falcon in the 1st picture?

2 45-shot, high-rez flat panoramas from the roof of the MT. Try zooming way in, etc.

Scenic view from Baker St. hill--2 high-resolution flat panos.

Scenic view of Chautauqua Lake from deck--2 high-resolution flat panos.

Very rare early-morning lake view--mirror-like surface--1 flat panorama.

Cylindrical panorama of the Baker St. hill--camera location for flat panoramas above.

Wreck of 1872. 1 cylindrical & 3 spherical panoramas.

Theater Bizarre setup on level 3 at the MT--4 spherical panos taken for their website.

Gigapixel flat pano from roof of Park Ave Hotel. Try zooming in and out, here and there.

Bike Detroit--7 spherical panos taken with portable rig.

The District Detroit from roof of Park Ave Hotel--1 spherical and 3 high-rez cylindrical panos.

Gigapixel flat pano from roof of Park Ave Hotel. Fully automated version--96 seconds. Just click and watch!

Stage repairs at the MT Theater. 1 spherical panorama.

Construction at the Comedy Center and RR Station--3 cylindrical panos & 1 flat pano.

The new Amphitheater on a misty fall day--7 spherical panos.

Red Wings' arena nearing completion. 1.4 gigapixel flat pano, fully automated. Just click and watch!

Shooting night panorama of new arena for MT website--cylindrical panorama.

Little Ceasar's Arena at night during exhibition game--4 high-rez flat panos.

Red Wings arena nearing completion. 1.4 gigapixel flat pano--look & zoom in and out.

Masonic Temple unfinished theater during facade repairs--6 spherical panoramas.

New Chautauqua Amphitheater, 2017, including pano of Mr. Paul Fischer.

8-picture tour of the Massey Organ at Chautauqua, plus 360cities blog article (2011, old Amphitheater).

9 spherical panoramas of the historic old Amphitheater at Chautauqua.

Arno Mariotti memorial brick after new Amphitheater construction, with link to old memorial wall. 3 spherical panos + oboe solo.

Dave & Dave on the Oil Creek Trail--7 spherical panoramas & 3 videos.

The US Brig Niagara at Erie, PA. Fully automated pano. Click at watch.

Solar eclipse of August 21,2017. 4 spherical panoramas. Look down in each pano to see eclipse pictures.

Solar eclipse of August 21,2017. Time-lapse video, from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Solar eclipse of August 21,2017. RoadCam slideshow.

50th Anniversary Party at Jen's, plus slideshow!

Spectacular lotus flowers in pond--3 panoramas (1 spherical, 1 cylindrical, 1 flat), plus slideshow.

The Grave of Samuel Clemens--pole photography--5 panoramas.

Cylindrical panorama taken with Sony FDR-X3000 video cam.

Parking structure construction--giant crane--3 spherical panos.

Hallman Plaza, Royal Oak--1 spherical panorama.

Gruber & Schmied visit the Museum of Aviation--8 panoramas.

Pennsylvania RR Trail--5 panos & 4 videos.

BigDog Exclusive! Birthday dinner at Pine Junction.

Shrine Tower at the MT--4 spherical panoramas.

Arena construction from south facade of MT roof--1 cylindrical & 1 high-rez flat pano.

Arena construction from east facade of MT roof--1 high-rez flat pano.

Charles Wright Museum in Detroit--6 spherical panoramas.

Renovations at the McGregor Center, beginning June 25, 2012--4 sphericals and 2 flat panos.

Detroit pano tour via bike--last day for Joe Louis Arena--5 sphericals & one flat pano.

Red Wings' arena update--1 high-rez flat panorama. Try zooming way, way in.

While on the roof of the MT--4 sphericals & 1 high-rez flat pano, plus slideshow.

Chautauqua Lake ice skin--a rare occurence--high-rez flat pano.

Shrine Tower Lounge, shot for MT website. 2 spherical panos.

Ashville Bay Marina--1st day of spring. 2 panos.

Pole photography on the roof of the Masonic Temple--7 spherical panoramas. 3 hotspots in 1st pano.

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