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Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024--2 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

Continued work on new house--6 spherical panoramas.

Skyline of Windsor, Ontario, at sunset--3 high-resolution panoramas (will auto pan).

Chautauqua Institution--6 high-resolution cylindrical panoramas.

Train exhibits at the Ford Museum--4 spherical panoramas.

The Rosa Parks Bus at the Ford Museum--2 spherical panoramas.

The Chautauqua Amphitheater in the fall--2 spherical panoramas and a slideshow.

Warren State Hospital Cemetery--3 panoramas, plus a slideshow.

Kinzua Dam in winter--2 panoramas, plus a slideshow.

The Art Kelsey Park Plaza--one spherical panorama.

Fall view of Chautauqua Lake--one flat panorama, 70mm lens, 18 shots.

4 panos from the roof of 75 Riverside East, including a spectacular 5-gigapixel view.

4 flat panos from the roof of 75 Riverside East.

Self-portrait while on gigapixel-panorama adventure--the roof of 75 Riverside East.

Four panoramas from the roof of the MT, including 2 gigapixel panoramas.

Tom's Point--two pole panoramas.

Finger Lakes Boating Museum--12 spherical panoramas.

Construction progress at Elmer and Chucky-Boy's property--5 spherical panoramas.

2023 bike/photo adventure--11 spherical panoramas plus mini slide show.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY, the Langdon/Clemens/Gabrilowitsch gravesite--5 spherical panoramas.

Park Church, Elimira, NY--6 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

Kuhn Water Retention Facility--tap/click to view interactive tour menu.

Ceiling restoration at the Masonic Temple. One spherical panorama.

Pennsylvania-Railroad and Chautauqua-Gorge Trails on mtn bike--8 spherical panoramas.

Air quality alert caused by forest fires in Canada--2 spherical panoramas from under the oak tree.

Detroit skyline from MT roof. One high-rez flat panorama.

Jim K's property--one cylindrical panorama and one flat pano.

Walton grave at Fremont Cemetery, Bancroft, MI.

Duct work and construction continues at new property--4 spherical panoramas.

I-75 construction N of 11 Mile Road--2 cylindrical panoramas.

Chautauqua in early April--3 spherical panoramas.

Seasonal changes in Michigan's north country! Three spherical panoramas.

Steam generator from Model-T Plant at Ford Museum--11 spherical panoramas.

Ford Museum--one spherical panorama, plus 2 slideshows.

Steve Genther retirement ceremony at the Masonic Temple--1 auto panorama, plus slideshow.

Buffalo City Hall--10-panorama tour (first one will auto-play).

Mark Twain Room at the Buffalo Library, home of Huck Finn manuscript, 2 panoramas.

Chautauqua Traction Company 1904 bridge--one spherical panorama with popout picture.

Digging S-bound I-75 roadbed down 10 feet, 2 spherical pole panoramas, plus slideshow.

I-75 construction at Gardenia Ave--one high-rez flat panorama and slideshow.

Keepsake Moments--Hallmark collection display at Ford Museum--5 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

3 gigapixel panoramas from the roof of the Masonic Temple.

Giant crane, I-75 construction--one spherical panorama and slideshow.

Vintage stereo slide projectors in the MT Chapter Room--one spherical panorama, plus stereo slideshow.

Two days in January on a hill above Chautauqua Lake--3 panormas.

Bowman Ave. in Chautauqua, 1949/2023 combo spherical panorama.

1928 to 2022, MT lobby and cultural changes--2 spherical panoramas.

Photography and dumb luck--text and accompanying pictures.

Multi-media and panoramic tour.

Will and Dave visit the great Masonic Temple--2 spherical panoramas.

Lunch at the Ford Museum--2 spherical panoramas.

The Avid Fisherman--one 3-minute, automated, high-rez panorama--manual controls will also work.

Long Point State Park--4 spherical panoramas plus slideshow.

Spoiling the lakefront, one boat, one lift, one condo at a time--one spherical panorama.

Difficult siding job--2 spherical panoramas.

Growers' Co-op in Westfield--The Night Begins--3 spherical panoramas plus slideshow.

Growers' Co-op in Westfield--5 spherical panoramas on the catwalk.

High-resolution cylindrical panorama from the top of the catwalk.

Standing next to the big tanks at Growers' Co-op--2 spherical panoramas.

House construction in the north country--3 spherical panoramas & one flat pano.

Fire Station No. 1, Royal Oak--2 spherical panoramas.

Field of sunflowers overlooking Chautauqua Lake--one cylindrical panorama and 3 flat panos.

South Chautauqua Sewer District Project--5 spherical panoramas.

Storm and rainbow over Chautauqua Lake--2 flat panos.

Detroit Central Market at Greenfield Village--4 spherical panoramas.

Fountain Ballroom renovation underway at the MT--3 spherical panoramas.

Detroit from the west roof of the MT--one cylindrical and one 4.8 gigapixel panorama.

Detroit from the east roof of the MT--one cylindrical and one 3.8 gigapixel panorama.

BigDogPanos Exclusive! Dave and Dave Tour Westfield, NY, on bikes. 10 spherical panoramas.

Recovery-Shaft Project completion-- 3 spherical panoramas.

New house construction--3 spherical panoramas.

Northern Michigan--2 spherical panoramas.

New house construction--4 spherical panoramas & one high-rez cylindrical.

Chautauqua artist at work--2 spherical panoramas.

Osprey nest at top of old crane boom--one spherical panorama plus slideshow.

I-75 construction---2 cylindrical panoramas followed by automated high-rez pano.

Birthday dinner at the Casino--one spherical panorama.

Recovery Shaft Project--surface work winding down--4 spherical panoramas from pole rig.

I-75 construction---2 cylindrical panoramas shot from pole rig.

Recovery Shaft Project--7 spherical panoramas. Many thanks to Tony, site superindentent.

Tunnel boring machine brought to surface! 5 spherical panoramas from pole, plus a slideshow.

I-75 construction--2 cylindrical panoramas, 3 flat panos, and a slideshow.

Gardenia Ave. bridge demolition, I-75 construction--3 cylindrical panoramas.

New tunnel boring machine arrives--1 handheld spherical panorama, plus slideshow.

Ford Museum--5 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

Restoration work in the Crystal Ballroom at the MT--6 spherical panoramas.

I-75 service drive recovery shaft--5 spherical panormas of spectacular project.

Bully, the bulldog, visits--2 spherical panoramas from a dog's eye view.

Restoration work in the Crystal Ballroom at the MT--one spherical panorama.

Ice on the Detroit River--1 spherical and 1 high-rez cylindrical panorama.

Barcelona, NY, harbor--1 cylindrical panorama and 4 sphericals.

Bemus Point-Stow Ferry in winter--3 spherical panoramas from 12 feet.

At the foot of Woodward Ave--3 spherical panoramas & one high-rez flat pano.

Chautauqua Lake sunrise in winter--1 flat panorama.

Lake ice--2 flat panoramas.

The Riverwalk in Detroit--2 spherical panoramas.

The Riverwalk--automated high-rez cylindrical panorama.

Chautauqua on a clear winter day--3 panoramas.

The Hall of Philosphy on a winter day--4 spherical panoramas--look for 3 BigDog hotspots in 1st picture.

A December night in Detroit--2 spherical panoramas.

A winter night on the roof of the MT--1 spherical panorama followed by a 90-shot, 2.6 gigapixel view.

90-shot, 2.6 gigapixel panorama from the west roof of the MT, looking south.

81-shot, 2.4 gigapixel panorama from the east roof of the MT, looking south.

The Ravine in Chautauqua--3 spherical panoramas from pole setup.

Chautauqua Lake views--2 flat panoramas.

The field and yard at Chautauqua--4 spherical panormas taken from pole setup.

Cave-in 100 ft. below surface on I-75 service drive--largest boring rig in US--2 flat panoramas.

Lawrence Technological University--4 spherical panoramas.

Chautauqua on a warm fall day--4 spherical panoramas.

Harpersfield Covered Bridge--2 flat panoramas, 35mm and 70mm lenses.

Harpersfield Covered Bridge--4 spherical panoramas.

Smolen-Gulf and Riverview Covered Bridges--5 spherical panoramas.

A mess, one lift at time, both in an out of the lake.

Spectacular Chapter Room at the MT, shot during camera tests--2 spherical panoramas.

Masonic Auditorium, end of an era--2 spherical panoramas.

Good friends at dinner--2 spherical panoramas.

The giant chair in Jamestown! One spherical panorama.

Dave and Dave ride the old PA RR tunnels. 7 spherical panoramas, plus video clips.

Looking south from MT roof. 3.7 gigapixel panorama, 130 component shots.

Big Inlet Brewing, Mayville, NY--4 spherical panoramas. To advance this tour, look for the Big-Inlet-Brewing icon.

Looking east from MT roof. 4.1 gigapixel panorama, 155 component shots.

Morning fog over Chautauqua Lake--1 automated panorama--playing time, 3 min, 9 sec.

In the woods near Lewiston, MI--2 cylindrical panoramas.

Cotswold Cottage at Greenfield Village--3 spherical panoramas.

Theater upgrades at the MT--close-ups of chandeliers--5 panoramas.

Theater upgrades at the MT--on the catwalk above the theater--2 panoramas and a slideshow.

13 rooftop panoramas, beginning in 2001.

Post-vaccination trip to Greenfield Village--5 spherical panoramas.

Tribute to Gus, the bulldog--2 panoramas, plus slideshow.

Construction--3 sphericals, 1 cylindrical, & 4 flat panoramas.

Spherical-panorama demonstration in the Tudor Room.

I-75 Construction III--2 high-resolution flat panoramas.

I-75 Construction II--3 spherical panoramas.

I-75 Construction I--1 spherical pano, 2 flat panos, & slideshow.

COVID dining greenhouse/pods, Birmingham, Michigan--2 spherical panoramas.

Faux oak grain work at the MT--pano shot for MT site.

The great Masonic Theater lit by worklights only! 1 spherical panorama.

Chautauqua Lake at end of winter--1 high-rez flat panorama.

Restroom construction at the MT--shot for MT website--3 spherical panoramas.

8-picture tour of the Massey Organ at Chautauqua, plus 360cities blog article (2011, old Amphitheater).

Slideshow tribute to Hilde.

Organ maintenance at Chautauqua, 2018--13 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

East view from MT roof--140 degree panorama, 145 pictures, 4.2 gigapixels.

Charles Wright Museum in Detroit--6 spherical panoramas.

South view from MT roof--130 degree panorama, 135 pictures, 3.9 gigapixels.

Fall colors around the lake--2 flat panoramas.

Fall leaves in the city--57-second automated spherical from 12 feet.

Sunrise fog over the lake--2 flat panoramas.

Hartfield Cemetery, Hartfield, NY, in the fall. 1 spherical panorama.

Bemus Point-Stow Ferry--new deck/platform--1 spherical panorama.

4 spherical panos of the restoration of the Erie Station in Jamestown.

Slideshow tribute to Gracie "Girl Cat".

MT Theater lobby tour during Coronavirus renovations--9 spherical panoramas--look carefully for BigDog hotspots.

Northern Chautauqua County--3 spherical panoramas.

Northern Chautauqua County--2 flat panoramas.

Bemus Point-Stow Ferry back in water. 1 spherical panorama.

Fog over the lake--1 flat panorama.

Siding job--3 spherical panoramas.

1-M Lounge restoration project, shot for MT site--4 spherical panoramas.

Renovations during coronavirus pandemic, shot for MT site--3 spherical panoramas.

Repairs to Ferry--3 spherical panoramas, including under-the-hull shot.

Prendergast Cemetery--5 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

A panorama and photo taken about 60 years apart--see info hotspot in panorama.

12-panorama tour, plus video

The Haunted Forest--3 spherical panoramas.

Tribute to Robert Taylor--3 spherical panoramas, plus info and obituary.

Backyard garden--2 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

Repairs to Bemus Point-Stow Ferry--3 spherical panoramas from 15.5 feet.

Chautauqua County, north of Mayville, NY--2 cylindrical panorama from 15.5 feet.

Repairs to Bemus Point-Stow Ferry--4 spherical panoramas, plus slideshow.

Chautauqua Scenes, July, 2020--4 spherical panoramas.

Chautauqua Scenes, June, 2020--5 spherical panoramas.

Chautauqua Scenes, June, 2020--6 spherical panoramas.

Chautauqua Amphitheater, June, 2020--5 spherical panoramas.

The Ravine Woods, Chautauqua, June, 2020--4 spherical panoramas.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

Tunnel entrance to Masonic Temple--1 spherical panorama.

Detroit flyover by Blue Angels--2 fully automated spherical panoramas.

85-shot, 3.6 gigapixel test panorama, Masonic Complex--fully automated.

85-shot, 3.6 gigapixel test panorama, Masonic Complex--manual operation.

Detroit during the coronavirus pandemic--5 spherical panoramas.

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